It's one of those lessons we all learned early on in life, like sharing is good. When you give respect, you get respect. And nowhere is that more true than on Utah's roads, where drivers and cyclists meet in potentially life-threatening situations thousands of times a day. The Road Respect program is dedicated to promoting safety by educating both drivers and cyclists about the rules of the road and encouraging mutual respect so that everyone gets home safely.

In August 2011, following the launch of the Road Respect program, a statewide survey showed that 43% of respondents were aware of the program. Of those respondents, 96% were aware of the Road Respect message, demonstrating the program's significant impact after just one year. We look forward to seeing a continued positive influence on cyclists and drivers this year.

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To encourage safe cycling and to promote positive interactions between bicyclists and drivers, Bike Utah, the Utah Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Safety, Utah Highway Patrol and Zero Fatalities will host the 4th Annual Road Respect Tour during May and June, 2014.

The Tour will carry the Road Respect message from southern to northern Utah as a core group of 30 Road Respect Riders and a small contingency of classic Cobra cars travel Utah's roads, demonstrating obedience to the law and proper car/bicycling etiquette. As they move from town to town, the Road Respect Riders will join with the public to participate in community rides for all ages and abilities and Road Respect Rallies with fun activities. Many of the Road Respect events will feature mini car shows to attract automobile enthusiasts and encourage discussion between drivers and bicyclists.

Members of the public are invited to join Road Respect in rides listed here. Each rider is required wear a helmet and obey all of the rules of the road. Riders are responsible for their own transportation before and after the ride, along with lodging (if needed) and must sign a waiver responsibility before riding. For details or to sign up for a specific ride, send us a message by clicking on "contact us." Let us know the day, time and location of the ride that interests you. We appreciate all who participate and encourage every road user to take responsibility and choose safety first.

2014 Road Respect Tour Dates

May 28
Community Celebrations,

May 29
Gunlock Loop/
Snow Canyon

Tour Map and Agenda

May 30
to Torrey

Tour Map and Agenda

June 19
Park City to

Tour Map and Agenda

June 20

Tour Map and Agenda

June 21

Tour Map and Agenda

Disclaimer: Tour maps and agendas are subject to change.


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